From Holidays To The Way We Bury Our Dead: Dutch Culture Has Been Shaped By Christianity. In The Netherlands, The Popularity Of The Faith Is Weakening, But Christianity Remains The Largest Religion On Earth With More Than Two Billion Followers Worldwide. What Is The Origin Of This Belief And Why Is The Church Empty?

Who Are God And Jesus?

Christians Believe In The Same God As Jews: One God Who Created Heaven And Earth. He Does That In Seven Days. Then He Makes Paradise, The Garden Of Eden.

Through Sin—Disobeying God—People Have Become Separated From God. That’s Where Jesus Comes In. Christians Believe That God Sends His Only Begotten Son To Earth To Restore The Bond With Man. Jesus Christ Is Central To Christianity And That Is Why The Religion Takes Its Name From Him.

Mary, A Virgin, Is Claimed To Have Given Birth To Jesus. She Was Engaged To Be Married To A Carpenter Named Joseph At The Time Of Her Conception, But The Child She Had Was Conceived By The Power Of The Holy Spirit. Many People Have Trouble Grasping The Notion Of The Holy Spirit. The Trinity Of God, Jesus, And The Holy Spirit Is What Christians Believe In. There Are Three Persons In God’s Trinity: Father, Son, And Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit Embodies The Three Persons In God’s Trinity: Father, Son, And Holy Spirit.

When Mary Is Heavily Pregnant, She And Joseph Are On A Journey. The Roman Emperor Wants A Census And Has Ordered Everyone To Return To Their Hometown And Register. In Bethlehem They Sleep In A Kind Of Stable, Because The Inn Is Full. There Jesus Is Born.

What Was The Life Of Jesus Like?

Jesus Lived Two Thousand Years Ago In What Is Now Israel. At That Time It Was Called Palestine And It Was A Roman Province. In Palestine, Jews Are Waiting For A


Jesus Of Nazareth Is A Charismatic Prophet, He Travels Through The Land And Tells About The Kingdom Of God. While The People At The Time Believed That God’s Kingdom Was Yet To Come On Earth, Jesus Claims That It Has Already Begun. So He Is A Pioneer, But There Are More Itinerant Preachers At That Time.

The Bible Describes How Jesus Heals People From Sickness, Raises The Dead To Life, Turns Water Into Wine, And Conjures Up Bread For Thousands Of Hungry People. He Especially Preaches Charity And Forgiveness. Jesus Travels With Twelve Disciples, His Apostles. The Romans, The Rulers, Find Jesus A Troublemaker, But The Jewish Leaders Especially Don’t Like Him Because Of His Criticism Of Them. Jesus Calls Them Hypocrites.

Finally, At The Urging Of The Jewish Clergy, The Romans Condemn Jesus To Death By Crucifixion. Jesus Is Then About 33 Years Old. Three Days After His Death, His Tomb Is Suddenly Empty. Christians Believe That Jesus Rose From The Dead After His Crucifixion And Performed More Miracles. They Call Him ‘the Christ’ Which Means Savior And Son Of God. Christians Believe That Jesus’ Death Is A Sacrifice; God Lets His Own Son Die A Slow And Painful Death On The Cross In Order To Draw Closer To Humanity Again. For The Sins Of Mankind, Jesus Dies On The Cross.

Despite The Lack Of Clear Evidence, Most Scientists Agree That Jesus Did Exist. Non-Christian Sources From Antiquity Are Also Used As Evidence For This. He Has Been Referred To As Such By Roman And Jewish Historians From Our Era’s First Century.

The Heavens And The Earth Were Created By God At The Start Of Time.

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