Christian Ethics

What Are The Major Principles Of The Christian Faith?

1. Everything On This Planet Was Created By God, Including The Universe Itself And All Of Its Inhabitants.

2. We Humans Are Made In The Image Of God; Which Means That We Are Different From Other Living Creatures And Have Characteristics Like Those Of God – Soul, Spirit, Reason, Intelligence And Personality.

3. Sin (Breaking The Law Of God) Has Separated All Mankind From God. Therefore, Every Human Being Is A Sinner (Criminal) And Must Be Reconciled With God.

4. Jesus Christ Is The Son Of God, Eternal, Sinless, Perfect, And Pure.

5. Jesus Came To Earth In Human Form To Offer His Life As A Sin Offering – To Pay The Penalty For Sin For Us – So That We Can Find A Good Relationship With God.

6. Jesus Was Crucified, Died, And Was Buried, But Three Days Later He Physically Came Out Of The Grave. Ascension Occurred Forty Days Later.

7. Each Person Should Turn Away From Their Sins By Putting Their Faith In Jesus Christ In Order To Receive Eternal Life And Ensure That They Go To Heaven When They Die.

8. The Faithful Of Jesus (Christians) Should Join With Other Believers In A Local Church If Possible For Spiritual Growth, Fellowship And Service.

9. The Mission Of The Church Is To Proclaim The Gospel Of Jesus Around The World And To Perform Works Of Mercy And Compassion.

10. Jesus Christ Will One Day Return To Earth. The Story As We Understand It Will End. God Will Then Judge The World By Jesus Christ And There Will Be Rewards And Punishments, Depending On How People Have Responded To Jesus Christ.

11. The Righteous (See # 7) Will Live With God Forever, And The Condemned Will Suffer Eternal Punishment.

Great Principles Of The Christian Life”?

Read Your Bible Every Day

Don’t Just Go Through A Chapter Just To Satisfy Your Conscience. Meditate On The Word Of God In Your Heart. It Comforts, Guides, Corrects, Encourages. Everything You Need Is There.

Learn The Secret Of Prayer

Prayer Is Communication. Every Prayer Will Be Answered. Occasionally “Yes,” And Sometimes “No,” Will Be The Response. In Certain Cases, He’ll Say, “Wait,” But He’ll Respond.

Rely On The Holy Spirit Constantly

We Know The Holy Spirit Prays For Us (Romans 8). What A Comfort That Should Be For The Weakest Among Us. Step Back And Let Him Take Charge Of All The Choices And Decisions In Your Life.

Attend Church Regularly

The Visible Church Is The Organization Of Christ On Earth. Christians Need Each Other, We Need To Come Together To Worship God, And Nothing Can Replace Church Attendance.

Be A Christian Witness

  • We Testify In Two Ways: By Life And By Word. The Two, If Possible, Should Go Hand In Hand.
  • Let Love Be The Dominant Principle In Your Life
  • Jesus Said To Those Who Followed Him:
  • The Greatest Demonstration Of The Fact That We Are Christians Is The Love We Have For Others.
  • Be An Obedient Christian
  • Let Christ Come First In All The Choices In Your Life.
  • Learn To Face Temptation
  • Temptation Is Not A Sin. Giving In To Temptation Is Sin. Let Christ By The Holy Spirit Fight For You.
  • Be A Healthy Christian
  • Our Life And Our Appearance Should Praise The Gospel. Do Not Forget It.
  • Live Above Circumstances
  • Don’t Let Your Situation Put You Off. Learn To Live With An Attitude Of Gratitude, Knowing That The Lord Himself Is With You.

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