What Is Mass

The Word Of God “The Lord Makes Us Understand The Bible”

The Bible Tells The Long Story Of God’s Love For Men: His Covenant With His People, The Actions And Words Of Jesus, His Death And Resurrection, As Well As The Reflection Of The First Christians.

Christians Believe That God Speaks To People Today Through These Texts, Read In The Church, And That This Word Enlightens Their Life.

The First Reading

Usually, We Read A Passage From The Old Testament That Relates To The Gospel Of The Day. Prior To Jesus’ Birth, The Bible’s Old Testament Was Written.

The Psalm

In Response To The First Reading, The Assembly Sings A Very Beautiful Prayer From The Bible. There Are 150 Psalms. Jesus Prayed With The Psalms.

The Second Reading

We Read A Passage From A Letter From An Apostle. Paul, Pierre, Jacques Or Jean Give News, Advice And Warnings To The First Christian Communities.


The Hebrew Root Of This Term Translates To “Glory To God! “. “Pat Him On The Back! “, Someone Exclaimed. As A Result, We Sing It To Exalt God’s Word.

The Gospel

Welcoming The Gospel: To Show Our Respect For Jesus Christ, The Word Of God, The Assembly Rises Before The Reading Of The Gospel. Like The Priest, Each One Traces With His Thumb A Cross On His Forehead, Lips And Heart, To Show That The Gospel Must Guide Our Thoughts, Our Words And Our Feelings. But Also, That We Use Our Head To Understand What Is Going To Be Said, With Our Mouth, In Our Turn, We Will Proclaim The Good News, And We Will Keep These Words In Our Hearts.

After The Alleluia, A Passage From The Gospel Is Proclaimed. Each Year, We Read More Particularly One Of The First Three Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke. It Is This Passage From The Gospel Which In A Way Gives The Theme Of The Mass. The Gospel, It Is Jesus Himself Who Speaks To Us, That Is Why We Listen To Him Standing Up.


During The Homily, The Priest Or Deacon Helps To Understand The Word Of God, Especially The Gospel. He Asks Christians To Reread These Texts Over And Over Again. He Calls Them To Discover How This Word Changes Their Life With God And With Others. He Invites Them To Put It Into Practice Every Day.

The Creed

This Latin Word Means ”  I Believe  “. It Is The Name Of The Great Texts That Christians Wrote To Sum Up Their Faith. There Are Two Texts: The Symbol Of Nicaea Constantinople And The Symbol Of The Apostles. These Two Texts, The Symbols Of Faith, Were Written Over 1,500 Years Ago.

To Make A “  Profession Of Faith  ” Is To Proclaim, To Affirm What We Believe. To Believe In God Is To Trust Him.

During A Baptism, The Words Of The Faith Of Christians (“  The Creed  ”) Are Proclaimed. The Church Has Always Used These Words To Express Her Faith. These Ancient Words Reveal The Love Of God, Father, Son And Holy Spirit.

Universal Prayer

Universal Prayer Is The Prayer Of The Whole Assembly: We Pray For The Life Of The Church, For The Construction Of The World, For The Unfortunate, For The People Who Are Present At Mass… It Is Our Common Prayer. , We Join In By Singing A Chorus. During Universal Prayer, You Pray With The Whole Community Which Is Open To The Whole World, To The Church And To All Those Who Suffer.

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