What Is Mass

The Lord Shares With Us The Bread Of Life ” Thanksgiving Or The Eucharist

Presentation Of Donations

In The Great Prayer That Begins, Christians Give Thanks To God For Jesus Christ. He Offered His Life For All Men. To Celebrate Mass Is To Give Thanks To God For All His Wonders.

As The Disciples Prepared The Passover Table, We Must Prepare. That Is Why We Bring The Bread And The Wine To The Altar. They Represent The Fruits Of The Life Given By God: The Bread Is The Fruit Of The Earth And Of The Work Of Men And The Wine Is The Fruit Of The Vine And Of The Work Of Men.

Formerly The Faithful Brought Vegetables, Eggs,…. At The Same Time As The Bread And The Wine: Then They Were Distributed To Priests And To The Poor. Today We Do The Collection, That Is To Say That We Collect The Money That Also Comes From Your Work And That Of Your Parents: It Is Used For The Life Of Priests And For Sharing With The Poor.

Eucharistic Prayer

A Great Prayer Of Praise Addressed To The Father, During Which Christians Remember The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus, And Ask The Holy Spirit To Act In The Hearts Of Men And In The Church.

The Last Meal Of Jesus Is This Great Mystery Which Is At The Heart Of The Eucharist. The Priest Remakes The Gestures That Jesus Made During His Last Meal. Since Easter And For Centuries, Through These Gestures, Jesus Has Made Himself Present To The World And To His Church, In The Sacrament Of The Eucharist. At The Consecration, In The Name Of The Assembly, The Priest Asks The Lord To Send His Spirit On The Offerings. The Holy Spirit Makes The Presence Of Christ Real In Bread And Wine, As Jesus Promised During His Last Meal. In This Way, Jesus Becomes A Source Of Nourishment For The Person Who Accepts His Presence.

Our Father

 ! Unity And Understanding Are Difficult To Build. We Often Feel Powerless In The Face Of Hatred And Divisions. But Jesus Teaches Everyone The Great Prayer Of Unity. It Begins With ”  Our Father  “.

The Rite Of Peace

Jesus Said To His Apostles ”  I Leave You Peace, I Give You My Peace  “. Here, We Ask Jesus To Give Us His Peace And Through Jesus, All Men, Who Are Then His Brothers, Receive The Peace Of God.

The Bread Fraction

Lamb Of God: Similar To The Lamb Of The Passover Meal That The Jews Ate To Remember Their Liberation From Slavery In Egypt, Jesus Is Referred To By John The Baptist As “  The Lamb Of God  ”. He Gives His Life To Free All Men From The Slavery Of Sin.

The Communion

Communicate: This Word Means “To  Be In Union With  “. During Mass, The Christian Takes Communion By Receiving The Consecrated Host, The Body Of Christ. He Is Thus In Union With Christ.

Sending “The Lord Makes Us Messengers”


To Bless Is To “  Say Good  ”. At The End Of Mass, When The Priest Blesses The Assembly In The Name Of God, He Announces That God Recognizes What Is Good In Everyone, That He Desires The Happiness Of Men And That He Gives Them His Strength.

Go In The Peace Of Christ

The Word “  Mass  ” Comes From “  Mission  ”. As Jesus Sent His Disciples, We Too Are Sent With Other Christians To Proclaim The Good News.

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