It Is A Beautiful Day Of The Week: There Is No School, The Parents Do Not Work  ; You Can Rest, Take Family Walks, Get Together For A Good Meal, Visit Your Family… You Have Time For Yourself.

“  Sunday  ” Is A Word That Comes To Us From The Latin Language And Means “  Day Of The Lord  ”. Christians Know This Is The Day They Celebrate The Resurrection Of Jesus. That Day, Everything Started Anew: It Is The Feast Of Life, The Feast Of Easter.

For 2000 Years, On Sunday, Christians Have Been Invited By The Lord To Come Together To Listen To His Word And To Share His Bread: This Gathering Is Called Mass.

Sunday Is The First Day Of The Week, The One That Gives Flavor To All The Other Days.

Sunday Is Therefore A Feast Day When The Lord Invites Us And Where The Community Of Christians Comes Together To Thank God, To Give Him Thanks.

“  Eucharist  ”, This Greek Word Means “  Thanksgiving  ”, “  Thanksgiving  ”. It Is The Other Name Of The Mass.

Thus, Everyone Is Welcome To Christ.

The Lord Invites Us To Eat With Him At His Table.


The Sign Of The Cross: It Is The Sign Of Christians. He Recalls That Jesus Gave His Life On The Cross To Save All Men. By This Gesture, Christians Say That They Want To Follow Christ With Their Intelligence, Their Heart And Their Strength. They Affirm Their Faith In God, Father, Son And Spirit. The Sign Of The Cross Expresses Well That Christians Are Gathered In The Name Of God.


The Lord Loves Us Infinitely. Jesus Showed It To Us On The Cross. He Invites Us To Live With Him And He Welcomes Us As We Are, Despite Our Sins. God Offers His Fatherly Love To Men, So That With Him They May Be Happy And Live As Brothers. Sin Is The Attitude Of One Who Refuses This Love And Has A Life Contrary To The Gospel. The Lord Wants People To Accept His Forgiveness And Be Reconciled. The More Christians Discover That God Loves Them, The More They Want To Change And Be Like Brothers.

Mercy Is A Way Of Loving Overflowing With Tenderness. That Of A Mother For Her Child. That Of God For Each Man, Beyond His Sin. With Tenderness And Patience, God Waits For Us To Return To Him.

Glory To God

Truly God Is Great  ! He Does Amazing Things. He Comes To Live Among Men By Being Born A Small Child. He Reminds Us That We Must Open Our Hearts To Love, That We Must Look And Admire The Beauty Of The World He Created And Above All That We Must Follow Christ. And Christians Respond To This By Singing Or Proclaiming Glory To God. In Glory To God, Christians Acclaim The Lord Because Of All The Love He Gives To Men. This Prayer Of Glory To God Is Inspired By The Announcement Made By The Angels To The Shepherds On Christmas Night.

The Opening Prayer

The Priest Says Aloud A Prayer On Behalf Of All.

Christians Respond ”  Amen  ” To This Prayer. It’s A Hebrew Word Meaning ”  That’s Right, Okay  .” So, When We Say ”  Amen  “, We Strongly Approve Of What Has Been Said Before. It Expresses Our Desire To Do What We Say. It Is Said A Dozen Times During Mass.

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